Top Australian Dollar Casinos

Top Australian Dollar Casinos

Everyone knows there are hundreds of great gaming sites on the Internet. Unfortunately the number of options quickly dwindles if you plan on playing using the Australian dollar. Sure, wagering in other currencies is always an option. But it can prove to be cumbersome, costly, and downright inconvenient.

Luckily our pundits have uncovered the best online casinos accepting the Aussie dollar. Why spend your time trying to figure out which sites are truly AUD friendly? There's no need to personally research and test drive hundreds of sites on your own time. Don't even think about taking a stab in the dark either. Our experts have done all the work and identified the cream of the real money Australian casino crop. If you're ready to hit the tables, take advantage of our reviews of all the top AUD online casinos right now. It's never been easier to win with the Australian dollar.

Best Australian Online Casinos for 2018

Australian Dollar Currency Conversion

Australian Dollar Currency Conversion

Even though there are dozens of popular sites that welcome players from down under, it's not always with open arms. Looks deceive especially on first click. Don't assume just because a casino flies your national flag that they'll let you play using the Australian dollar. The inconvenient truth is that you'll often have to deal with exchange rates and conversion fees that quickly add up. It's your bankroll. Don't let it dissipate before it even reaches the tables.

The AUD is a highly volatile currency. Over the past five years its value has fluctuated more than 20 percentage points. Real money Australian casino players don't really need to concern themselves with foreign exchange markets, but what about everyone else?

Some global sites let players deposit and withdrawal using the Aussie dollar but the games take place in some other currency. Euros, USD, and Pounds might make sense if you are travelling abroad, but not from the comfort of your favourite easy chair in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, or Perth where the AUD ought to be king.

Dodging AUD Exchange Fees

Switching currencies is justifiable when there are no other options, but that's no longer true. With several real money Australian casino sites at your disposal, times have truly changed. Playing directly with the Australian dollar isn't just easier, but it can also save you money. We're talking about saving AUD too, which is what it really comes down to.

Did you know many banks and foreign casinos charge a currency exchange fee when you convert to and from AUD? You may even have to pay when you deposit and again when you withdrawal. This can often amount to a few percentage points in each direction! Luckily you can avoid this by playing at the best casinos accepting Australian dollar deposits.

Besides avoiding a currency exchange fee when you fund your account and again when you cash out, playing directly with the Australian dollar is simply easier. When you place a one AUD bet, you'll know that you're wagering one Aussie dollar. There's no need to grab your calculator to know the true value of your wins and losses. Top AUD online casinos realize that sometimes the name of the game is simplicity.

Banking More Of Your Winnings

Many Aussie gaming fans quickly learn the pitfalls of playing in currency that's not their own. Factoring the exchange rate into your wagers is only one of the problems. Unlike the best casinos accepting Australian dollar wagers, some sites have a hidden exchange rate spread. That means the rate you receive when withdrawing and depositing funds differs. You can be sure that the house is benefiting at your expense. This is a sneaky thing that a lot of banks do. Sadly, some players don't realize this until it's too late.

Did you know that the best casinos accepting Australian dollar bets tend to have more appealing banking options? That's true whether you are funding your AUD account or cashing out your winnings. Sometimes it simply makes sense to play where your hosts are interested in catering to you like at top AUD online casinos.